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The Limitations of Teaching ‘Grit’ in the Classroom

This article by The Atlantic explores the factors in children's lives which are often not accounted for when discussing 'grit' in school settings. Trauma has a profound impact on cognitive development and academic outcomes. A child's success or lack thereof can develop when the power of the person is overestimated and the power of the situation is underestimated.

Emotional Wellness This Holiday Season

MHA-NYC's Lisa Furst addresses common misconceptions related to mental health concerns during the holidays, and makes recommendations and provides supportive resources that will help you and your loved ones remain emotionally healthy this season. To read the full Q&A click here.

Question Requiring Mental Health Disclosures Updated in Security Questionnaires

In an effort to avoid discouraging potential applicants from seeking mental health care, intelligence officials have updated background security clearance questionnaires to make clear that seeking professional help won’t disqualify candidates from landing a job. Click here to learn more about this de-stigmatizing change.

MHA-NYC Participated in This Year's #GivingTuesday

Yesterday the staff of MHA-NYC got together for #GivingTuesday and gave back to our community. To read more about it and see the photos click here.

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